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SÖM.intakt (ENGLISH)​
Information on the SÖM.intakt project in English


The "SÖM.intakt" project

SÖM.intakt is one of a few projects in Germany that will test special new ideas and solutions for mobility in rural regions until 2023. The aim is to link existing services and close gaps. By establishing new transport services, smaller towns can be better connec​ted to the surrounding areas. These services are not offered like classic bus services, but only run when needed. This is an efficient way of testing better mobility in the district.

The project actively involves the inhabitants of the district and uses voluntary potential.

SÖM.intakt complements local transport in the region: environmentally friendly, flexible and user-oriented.

The "Landmobil" transport service

In the Kindelbrück region (in the north of the district) and in the Buttstädt region (in the east of the district), additional driving services called "Landmobil" have been set up. 

These services serve to keep people mobile within the communities even if they do not have a car or a good bus connection.

The drivers work on a voluntary basis and drive you free of charge within the community.

Rides are available Monday to Friday, daily from 08.00 to 18.00 (local time).

In order to register for a ride, please use the registration form here:

Alternatively, you can request a ride by phone (in German only) on:
+49 (0) 3634 / 354 950 .

Please note that the drivers in the vehicle speak mainly German and can only help you in German. If you have questions in your own language, it is best to use a translator.

For longer distances, please use bus, train or taxi.